The smell of perfume and Cuban cigars, the taste of Bourbon & Rye. The sight of beautiful women and dapper men, the grace of swing dancers doing the Lindy and the sound of…JAZZ-DECO

Jazz-Deco was founded during the corona-pandemic in the streets of Amsterdam to keep up spirits, with a tried-and-true recipe that worked equally well during the roaring twenties of the last century: Swing and the Blues!

Well versed in playing for a wide variety of functions, Jazz-Deco has played Roaring 20s parties, jazz festivals, weddings, swing dancing, background music, outside, in concert halls or anything in between. Basically set up as a duo, comprising of Coos Zwagerman on vocals, bass and trumpet and Elliot Muusses on guitar, Jazz-Deco is easily expandable with f.i. piano, drums or other horns.